First blog post

This is the post excerpt.


I’ve always struggled with my weight, was considered ‘chubby’ as a child. Even in my teen years, I was what we call women in the Caribbean ‘thick’. Growing up in St. Maarten, being overweight or even obese as a woman in some cases is considered sexy. I’ve been  told that I would never become slim because I have big bones, that’s just the way my body was shaped. So like most overweight/obese women, I came to accept that that’s just the way I was supposed to be or that my body would be.  Although at times, depending on what I wore, I felt ‘sexy’ or ‘good’ about myself, but mentally I still had issues with my weight.

I get asked all of the time…’what was it that changed for you?’ It’s a few things that did ‘it’ for me, but the main factor was the death of Brian Hughes, who was a well known Business man in the community of Anguilla. I think it’s how he died and the fact that he was so young that bothered me. He was actually obese and just before he died, he was standing around friends/ colleagues talking and laughing one minute and then got a heart attack the next minute. His death sent shock waves through the community. Although I knew of him, I never met him, but his death affected me profoundly. It literally bothered me for weeks. All I can think about was that it could happen to me. For the first time in my life,  I wanted to change. I wanted to be what I thought was impossible, I wanted to be slim.

Through the blog I will share the strategies I used, recipes etc. Please follow the blog and share your journey to fitness as well.


Health Issues

In 2012 my son was born. Almost a year after, I noticed a lump/bump right above my navel. It was painful, so I decided to go to my doctor, Dr. Lowell Hughes of Hughes Medical Center. I found out that I had a hernia.  According to http://www.webmd.com, a hernia occurs when an organ or fatty tissue squeezes through a weak spot in a surrounding muscle or connective tissue called fascia. Initially, Dr. Hughes wanted to make sure that I didn’t want to have any more children before operating on my hernia. I was most positive that I didn’t want any more.  So the next step would be that I needed to lose some weight. At that time 30lbs would have sufficed. Instead of losing, the opposite happened, I gained more and more weight.

In addition to the hernia, my left knee started to give me some serious pain. I couldn’t walk up any stairs without going one leg at a time at a slow pace. It became so painful that I decided to go to the doctor and check it out. After running some tests, the results were that the knee was a bit inflamed, but nothing else was wrong. I knew my weight was not helping the situation and was probably the cause of it.

I remember going to the doctor’s office one too many times the year prior to the beginning of my journey. There was another pain that I got right above my hernia. It wasn’t a constant pain, it only happened if I did any abdominal workout or if I laughed too hard. I know….it sounds a bit odd, but it was my reality. It was like a real bad cramp, but when it happened I had difficulty breathing. Needless to say my weight was slowly but surely affecting my body and my health.